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Anyone here live in/near Asheville? I want to move there!

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DH and I visited Asheville this past weekend and now I want to move there! We currently live in a small town outside of ******. We are seriously considering moving to Asheville- actually we are looking at Weaversville and other surrounding areas.
I have a couple of questions for those who live in or around Asheville.
1) What type of jobs are available there? Are there many professional jobs?
2)Does anyone know if there are any good churches (Christian)? I would love to find one with alot of people who do attachment parenting and natural living. It is so hard to find like-minded people around here. (I know this is probably far-fetched to be able to find a church like this).
3) Are there many homeschoolers in Asheville?
4) I heard a rumor that there is going to be a filming studio built in Asheville. What do you know about this?
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We are seriously thinking of moving to Asheville.
I don't know anyone to ask these questions.
Well, you are on to something
This is a VERY cool place to live!! We live on an acre north of Weaverville in Barnardsville-very pretty and rural and still only about 25 minutes from Asheville.

WElcome to Crunchy-ville. Did you hit our whole foods market called Earthfare while you were here? And we have a competitor opening up very soon too.

Homeschooling haven-I teach for a homeschooling co-op. Many many homeschooling groups both secular and Christian oriented.

Great birthing community-many good midwives, a good hospital too if you want a good hospital birth. We had a Bradley one that was great. And we looove our doc-family practice! Very open to alternative medicine.

Downtown is very cool-we were there in fact this weekend too as it sounds like you were-lots of street music, great art, superb restaurants and coffeehouses.

Jobs-not the easiest place to find a job, but my DH found one and cancelled his interviews in Charlotte when he got the offer (he is a techie) GOod Luck with the jobs-what industry is your DH in?

Hiking galore, waterfalls in the forests.

Bad bad air pollution though-some summer days, is supposedly the worst in the nation! YIKES! More expensive to live here too than Charlotte-just so ya know

But, you'd love it! And MDC Mama would love it!!!
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We have definately decided to move to the Asheville area- we just haven't decided exactly where yet.
We are considering the Asheville area too. But are more interested in out lying towns where we can have a couple of acres of land for gardening and play. What towns are within 20-30 mins of Asheville and could get DSL or cable modem hookup? The modem is less important cuz there is always satellite.
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