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Anyone here not use a sling?

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I would love any advise...

I have horrible knees (need to get them operated on, but have no time with the baby) and at 8 months, my son is 25 pounds. I would love to carry him around in the sling, but it is just so painful. I really can't carry him around a lot. He is a very content baby sitting on the floor and playing with his toys. He will play for an hour or two and let me get housework done. He talks to him animals and plays his music...But I still feel like I am doing something wrong....

So, now are my questions...sorry there is a lot

Should I be feeling this way? Do I need to carry my baby all the time? Is it ok for him to be content playing by himself, or should I try to carry him while doing chores? Anyone have a similar problem? Can anyone suggest a certain sling?
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I'm sorry to hear about your knee pain...YIKES....doesn't sound like much fun.

On another note.....I have a DD that is 8mos and a son that is 2yo. I carried my first around quite a lot. I enjoyed doing so and he liked it as well. However, I do not carry the second NEARLY as much......I just don't because I'm chasing after my busy #1.
DD enjoys sitting on the floor playing with toys, scooting around, and admiring her brother and the dog.....I don't feel bad I'm not slinging her as much as I did her brother. It's just the way it is. IMO, if your child is happy on the floor while you buzz around and do housework consider yourself lucky....because I sure do!
It sounds like your child is happy......and that's what is most important.
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i dont' sling this baby as much as my last. For several reasons...
First, like the last poster, i am chasing my almost 4yo and the two 2.5yo's i babysit. He loves to chase after them and me chasing them. lol. he doens't ENJOY the sling the way his sister did

He's also much more content to sit and play with toys, cruise the furniture etc.
When he does want to be held i generally can't carry him too long cuz like your babe, mine is heavy. He's gotta be 22 or so lbs (we've not been back to the doc since 6mos and he's 10.5mos now).

when i do sling him its in a sarahs ride hip carrier and generally isn't for very long till we can sit and snuggle again.

don't feel bad if you're hugging, holding, snuggling, loving on your baby then its a non issue i think if whether or not you're carrying him.
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Thanks here so much about slings around here...I just felt bad.
I didn't sling dd3 (7 mo) at all - she hated the thing! She's quite content to sit and play on the floor or in her swing. I do carry her, but not near as much as I did with dd2 (3 yo). IMO - like everyone else said, if baby is happy - go with it!
I don't use one much. For one thing my baby has severe reflux and does better in a Snuggli. Less pressure on the tummy because she's completely upright.

Even then, I have a bunch of contraptions that I set her in when doing things around the house. I carry her to an area to do some housework and set her in the contraption (bouncer, excersaucer, jonny jump up, etc) and she's very happy with me talking to her while I work. I just don't have the energy I did with dd#1.

Yup, I sometimes feel guilty for not using a sling very much. I have tried a couple varieties, and I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I know that my ideal sling is out there, but we just don't have the money to try a lot of different ones, so I've kind of given up on it. My DP carries DS in a OTSBH, pretty regularly, and I occasionally use a ring sling (like to take the garbage out to the curb) or, if we're going for a longer jaunt (say, the farmer's market) I use a Baby Bjorn. Around the house, he plays on the floor upstairs, sits in his exersaucer if I need him to be contained (if I'm in the bathroom, for example), sits in his high chair in the kitchen. I carry him up and downstairs, but let him crawl where we need to go upstairs.

Hope this helps--you're not the only one!
Don't beat yourself up about not wearing your baby 24/7. We all have strengths and limitations, and when it comes to your physical wellbeing you have to have boundaries. I did not wear my dd much because I just could not adjust to it, and the bigger she got, the less comfortable she and I were. So we played on the floor and she had an infant seat she loved. So you aren't alone.
You're the mama! You know your babe. If your baby's happy, then what you're doing is fine! I think that's the bottom line. It's not like ff vs. bf, where a baby may seem happy with ff but in the vast majority of cases, bf is scientifically proven to be superior. Babywearing isn't that black and white. You sound like a wonderful mama for wanting to do the best by your baby. I sling my baby ALL the time, but it's because we both love it and I'm physically able. Although he is over 20 pounds, we're both still loving it! If one of us didn't, we would find another solution that worked for us. You're doing great, mama!
If your baby gets plenty of lap time and gets to snuggle up to you in bed at night, he's getting plenty of touch/contact/holding that's so important.

I know the sling or other carrier isn't workable for everyone. I have a stroller that lets DD face me when she needs/wants my attention, though since it's something of a novelty for her she usually prefers to see where she's going. There are plenty of ways to foster attachment and not just stick your baby in a gadget and ignore him. Wearing is only one of them.
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