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Anyone here taking raspberry leaf tea?

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There was a huge discussion thread here about how good it works for toning the uterus, was wondering if anyone else is using it? I'm using it, hopefully it'll tone my uterus and cut down on the labor/pushing time.

I started earlier on but then stopped for awhile when I had preterm labor at 27 weeks. Started up again about a week ago.
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I was drinking it for a while and then stopped due to irritable uterus. I'm planning on starting again (as soon as I find my darn tea ball!). Mine is actually earth mama angel baby third trimester tea so it has other things in it too like camomile and peppermint.
yes! I started up using it again after this last loss with the hemorrhaging. I'd not used it for a while due to concern about it promoting contractions/loss, but clearly it didn't help and my uterus was NOT toned. Not going to make that mistake again!
I've been using it for just about a week now. I meant to start earlier, but better late than never.
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I love rrl tea!!! I use it along with oat straw (for the calcium benefits).

I add nettles to it at the end of pg for the vit K help (for clotting assistance).

RRL tea is also good for many things along with being a female toner tea. It is an all around good herb.
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I just LOVE that tea! Especially the loose leaf in the bulk section. I am not pregnant and don't plan to be again but I used it and loved it so much that I still drink it sometimes! It's supposed to promote women's health in general so it's great...
psst.. for those who like it bulk, Mountain Rose Herbs has it for $7/pound organic!
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I love it ice cold, mmm! Too bad I didn't know about that company since it's organic, I got some from the bulk herb store, it was about the same price but they pack plenty of stems in. Other than that their price is pretty good, but they don't say if they are organic... lucky for me my (definitely organic!) raspberry leaves are all out, I'll have to get some before the japanese beetles get them.

I think it helps, and I do believe that my preterm labor had to do with me being dehydrated, nothing to do with the tea.
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I never thought of having it iced! Makes me want some now. Mmmm... I actually haven't had any for a long while because I haven't bought any since the last time I ran out.

By the way I have heard that your body absorbs much less of anything that you drink/eat it cold. Just thought I'd mention this for those who are trying to get stuff out of their tea for pregnancy health purposes.
I drink it but off and on. I brew it in the sun with a flavored herbal tea, like a berry or orange tea, to cut the bitterness. Azadeh I always drink it cold that is how it tastes best!
I was going to wait until 34 weeks (today!) before starting it. I'm only going to do one cup a day for now and see how my contractions go. If none, then I'll up it to 2 or 3 after 36 weeks. Never used RRL in my other pregnancies... so glad to have found out about it now.
i gave birth 2 weeks and 6 days after my DD. I didn't start drinking RRL till about a month before my due date. So, for appx. 7 weeks I drank it everyday. I drank appx. 4-6 tea bags a day. I was in hard labor for 32 hours but had a very successful UC. I assume it didn't cut down on my labor time, but I didn't have any problems. I love RRL and with my next pregnancy will begin drinking it earlier in my pregnancy.
I've started it early with all of my pregnancies (12 hour, 6 hour, and 10 hour labours) and this one is no exception. I waited until after the date of my missed period to start and I'm only drinking one cup a day during the first trimester, but once I hit the twelve week mark I'll be upping it gradually until I'm drinking about a quart of a very strong infusion daily during the third trimester. I also drank nettle tea in my third trimesters with the "first round of kids" and had forgotten it was for the Vitamin K.

RRL just tastes like pregnancy to me and I'd frequently drink it just for the pleasant memories. It's also good for menstrual cramps and much easier for and healthier for young girls who are just starting their periods than advil and the like.
I took it my whole pregnancy w/ my 2nd. I had way more contractions earlier and a much faster birth, though there were many factors involved. I took the capsules mostly.
I'm avoiding it this time - I used it the 2 previous and had tons of early contractions. My uterus is toned. I'm leaving it alone this time.

I do love the RRL though, iced is good, and it is wonderful for menstrual cramps.
That stuff is gold, in my opinion. With my mother's 7 children she hemoraghed (every single one!). With my first I hemoraghed-and believe me it was not from anyone interfering (no one touched me until after the 3rd stage was over). With that kind of history I knew with my 2nd that I didn't want it to happen again, I started drinking it the 3rd trimester about 3-4 bags a day at first on up to 7 or so. The labor was a little over 2hrs (down from 6hrs with my 1st born) and the bleeding was a ton less. I was done spotting within 2 wks and after the first day it looked like a normal period. Not at all like my 1st born, I would not be pregnant without it personally and I'm confident that with God and red rasberry leaf tea this UC will be great.
Good Morning Ladies,

I too was told about RRL tea over 7 years ago with my first. But did not believe in using it since it was my first and I wanted to use my body and totally trusted my body. Well I was not eating as good either. My labor was awesome but my baby was smaller than I hoped for and I bleed a lot. Feeling very faint. SO for all the benifits the tea offers especially mixed with other herbs I have totally used it for this pregnancy the whole time! With my second pregnancy I only made like 10 quarts the whole pregnancy and did NOT know about making a strong dose in labor and that labor was only 3 hours start to finish but with much clotting and feeling faint again as in my first birth. WELL this time I found some info on many different herbs to include in a drink along with RRL, Nettles, etc even Kelp powder for thyroid aid and have been drinking a 1/2 gallon a week since I ordered about week 18 or so after I emptied two store bought boxes of the tea bags. I LOVE it ice cold out of the fridge and it helps having something besides WATER!

OH I also use a good supply of raw honey for my sweetner.....

If my labor is slow or very different then my first two I will make the strong 1oz RRL with 1 pint (I think this is the correct mixer) water to speed things up in labor.

Take Care ~ Angela
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I love RRL tea. This time I have mine with nettles, alfalfa and hawthorne berry (made it myself from single herbs purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs) I had a rough pregnancy last time until I added my suppliments, most of which were in my tea. This time, I just make iced tea - boil a pot of water, turn it off, dump in 4 scoops of my blend, let is sit for 20 minutes, strain it over a 2 liter container full of ice cubes, add sweetener... yum
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