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I'm selling a La Bassine Birthing Pool with a Custom Fit Liner, completely new & unused. Both the pool and the liner have been totally off-gassed, and the pool has been tested for leaks (using clean tap water!) and checked out fine. It's all still in its original drawstring bag, complete with instructions and other paperwork.

I was going to use it while in labor, but my labor ended up being so fast we never had time to set it up!

I bought it from for $132 (pool plus one liner). After shipping it was $161--you can have it for $100 if you come pick it up. Again, it's brand new, clean, in perfect condition, NEVER been used for birth or anything else!

I also have an air pump to inflate the pool, a never-used hose, and all the hose connectors and things you'd need to fill up the pool in your house. I'll give you a good deal on those things too if you need them.

I'm just west of Baltimore. PM me if interested!

I also have a small stash of other random birth supplies, including some maternity pads and an unused sitz bath pan, free to anyone who wants them.
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