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anyone in/near Davidsonville?

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I am moving (I think) to Davidsonville in the next few months. Anyone in or near there, or know of any playgroups? I'm worried I am going to be isolated there. I'm coming from Chicago area.
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my best friend lives about 5 min from there in Harwood. she has 3 boys, 9, 7,17months. i am sure she would love to make a friend close to home. i will tell her to get on here and say hi to you.
Davidsonville is right outside of annapolis which is where I live. There are quite a few of us in anne arundel county and we are trying to have some regular playgroup days.
(musket) I live in Crofton. It is about 10minutes away. How old are your children? What are you in to?
Myboyz, my (female) partner and I have two boys. Evan is 2 1/2 and Liam is 5 1/2 months. How old are yours?
My guys are 41/2 and 9 months. Have you hooked up with the A.A.Co. group? I was going to meet with them yesterday but really needed to go the the lib. I might next time. They are part of this tribe. I might try next week so maybe I'll meet you there.

You won't see me there yet, because I currently live in Chicago! Right now we have an accepted offer on the house in Davidsonville (it's in the south part, so we are probably more than 10 minutes from Crofton, but it's probably within 20 to 30 minutes from us, depending on where in Crofton you are.
We're just waiting for our house to sell here. We hope to be there by early August. I do plan on attending one of the MDC playgroup meetings once I move, though. One way or another, I'd love to get together sometime. It sounds like our boys are in a good play age-range. Your younger son and mine are just a few months apart.
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Hey, I'm not far from Davidsonville - I'm in Severn!
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