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Anyone in (or near) Abbotsford, BC?

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I'd love to get together with some real live mamas who cd and are more natural minded towards parenting...
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Hi Anjii,
You might want to venture over to the "April Showers" thread. We have alot of Mammas that live in the lower mainland...I know of some in Mission.
Myself, I live in Coquitlam, Abbotsford is not that far for me once I cross the Port Mann.
I would love to get together with like-minded Mammas.....

Kelsey aka Lact-O-Mama
Hi, I'm in Cloverdale, not too far.
Where abouts in Abbotsford are you?
What age is your child (ren)?

I don't live there, but I visit alot as that is where my inlaws live. Maybe we can get together next time I'm down there.
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