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Anyone in Shrewsbury?

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Edited to say: I decided not to look in's too far west for me.
Thanks everyone.

I may look at a house for rent in Shrewsbury but I don't know anything about their schools. Trying to find out if their public schools are good.
My child has special needs so I'd have to deal with an IEP, etc (preschool age).

Thanks in advance!
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I thought you were looking in Rhode Island?

Shrewsbury has a great preschool program. Both my children went there on IEP's. I know families that move to our town with autistic children because the program is wonderful.

We are in the middle of budget cuts and larger class sizes. The child:adult ratio is still at the most 1:5. There is almost always 2 teachers, 1 aide, 1 volunteer. The playground is nothing special. They have been raising money for years to build a new one. I haven't been by recently. I'll make sure I drive by soon and take a look.

Ask me anything you want. I will do my best to answer.
My dream is to move back to RI but I haven't been able to make that happen. So, I'm looking in MA just in case.
My sister went to middle and high school in Shrewsbury. I would say both were decent!

I loved living in Shrewsbury. It has a nice downtown area and a decent library.
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