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Anyone in the Tazewell, Bluefield are???

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It's a long shot I know but just thought I would ask. I see that there were some of you from the Radford/Blacksburg area. I graduated from RU!!! Anyway I live in Tazewell now and have not met anyone with kids in the same age range as mine and would love to find some other moms to get together with.
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Hi, Mom2Mack & Logan, I live in North Carolina, but have attended births just a little south of you & I know there are some young Mamas in that area. Your area has had an active LaLeche League in the past & I think it is still meeting. The one in the Independence area is still going strong. Warm Regards, Karen of BirthTender
We are looking for a place to move to in Bluefeild. My DH already works there and drives 2 hours a day, so maybe soon we will be in your area
I have a 4 month old new baby son, the rest of my kids are alot older though. Someone told me there is a great MOPS group around there.

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I think I may be about 1 1/2 hours from there. I live in Bristol , Tn. We moved here in April from Mi and have had a time trying to find like minded moms too. My daughter was born 1-11-02!!
hey mom to mak and logan,
my sister lives in princeton wv and her husband goes to bluefield state, she ahs 2 kids, girl: 1 1/2 and boy 4 months.
she is a cosleeping, bf, ap momma and is also looking for friends!
she said there were no mommas groups to hang out with!
well if you are interested in her email or phone # just give me an email: [email protected]
Hi! My name is Emilie- I am mom to a great baby boy Keagan born 6-25-03!!! We are also looking for some playmates- ! The closest LLL that I know of is in Abingdon- and wiould love to have someone to ride down with as well.
We are moving from Richlands to Tazewell as we speak! We would love to get together! I am originally from Illinois- and have lived here almost 2 years with my dh.
Anyhow- I look forward to hearing from you!
HI. Just replying again!
WOnderng if you are still living in Tazewell.
Talk to you soon I hope.
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