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Anyone interested in a 4th tri patchwork swap?

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I'm putting together a patchwork quilt for Leo and getting family and friends to give me squares so it's a real memory quilt. I'm asking people for one for birthdays and christmas too so in theory it grows with him as he grows into his cot, then bed, then maybe even up to double bed size.

Now we've all had our little ones I thought I'd see if maybe anyone else is up for another DDC swap of fabric squares. You can tie dye, applique, quilt, or even just cut them from interesting material.

It's quite a small and light thing and doesn't even have to cost anything if you have material lying about the house. So it might be a nice way to remember this time.

Anyway I thought I'd see if anyone else was interested in joining in.
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I'm interested.
I'm interested! How big would the squares be?
me too. I have some great fabric I could use...
I would love to do another swap! I'm totally interested. I think I could come up with something unique. And yes, how big? I assume all the squares would have to be the same size?
Not so sure what size as I've not actually done any patchwork before. A quick google and I found this

To make a crib size quilt out of squares, you'll need six squares across and eight squares down. Squares that are 7.5 inches, plus seam allowance, work perfectly for a 45 by 60 inch quilt. If you use quarter-inch seam allowance on all sides, you can start each square at a nice, even 8 inches. To make sure the squares come out the right size and shape, you may want to cut an 8-inch square template out of paper or cardboard, or use a plastic rotary cutter template.

So do 8" squares sound OK? Or should we go bigger or smaller? Whatever the more experienced sewers think would be best.
I wish I quilted, I would love to do this but I know my square would never be used

Too fun.
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Mandy join in and put them in a to do pile for when you learn. Your square doesn't even have to be anything more than just a cut up piece of material. I've never quilted so will be getting lessons from my mum this week.
8 inches sounds good. How will the swap work? How many squares would we need to make?
This does sound fun & great - but I don't really sew! I have a trunk filled w/old clothes and fabric stuff that I kept meaning to get to but never had the time. Jst this am I was reading someone's blog about how to make a baby bjorn little potty cover out of fleece and halfway considering trying it but then remembered I don't sew... duh... lol.
I'm just going to cut up and send out some cool fabric I bought abroad a couple of years ago. I can't sew to save my life but I'd like to learn and I like the idea of a growing baby quilt.
Okay, I'll do it! (just don't tell dh, he probably thinks I have too many projects that's even possible)

So how does it work? I didn't participate in the other swaps.
So, are we going to do it? If it's a matter of organizing, I can do it...although I've never done it before...I'd take tips from anyone who's done it before!
So we just need a list of addresses and the same number of 8" squares, right?
Well, count me in.
Heck, baby is sleeping in this am and I am feeling invincible!! (could use a shower tho but don't want to chance it.)
Cool, so here's the list of those interested so far. I'll post screen names for now.

Tattooed Hand

When do we want to start shipping? I'm happy to ship internationally, is that cool with everyone else? Does everyone want to pm me their addy and I'll send out a list to those in the swap?
I'd love to do it too!
I want to jump in, too! I can't quilt, but I have a grandma friend who is awesome at quilting, and this is an awesome excuse to hang out with her! Plus, I know I'll regret it if I don't....

So me too!
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I am still down for this, but two things:

1) We're traveling, so I couldn't ship until almost the end of the month (March) - is that okay?

2) I had visions of making cute little patchwork squares, but now I feel like that may have been much too ambitious. Is it okay with everyone if I end up sending just squares of cool fabric? Even if I do get it together to do patchwork, I think it'll just be four-patch, nothing fancy.

(It's hard to do anything crafty with The Baby Who Will Not Be Put Down, as I'm sure everyone knew but me...)
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