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Anyone interested in an older PPB?

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Not sure if this will get any interest...but I have a petunia picklebottom boxy backpack bag, about 2 years old, that I'm just not using anymore, since both the backpack and shoulder straps have broken. I was going to go to a luggage store and try to replace them...but I got a lovely new kecci bag as a gift, so I don't really think I'll use this. There is also a small stain on the bottom (dime-sized, slightly darker). It's a rich brown brocade with peacock feathers. I was thinking off asking $45 ppd OBO.
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bump...take it for $35!
hi mama,

what is it that is broken about them? is it the actual straps, or the place that they connect to the bag? also, do you have a picture? i have a ppb that i LOVE, but it is a really light color and seems to BEG dirt to come to it, so i am possibly looking for a slightly darker one.

if you have a picture you can email to jrohlwing at cox dot net. thanks!
jen, did you get my email?
I'd be interested in seeing a picture if it's still available!

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