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Anyone know about flying while pg?

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My sister is pregnant and it would make life easier for her to be able to fly from Seattle to Portland. She would be in a small (private) 6 seater plane, so not "pressurized" (is that right?). She is due Sept 16 (would be 6 months pg at the time).

Anyone know anything about it?

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I think she's fine to fly, up until like 32 weeks or something. She should ask her doc/midwife. And make sure she has a copy of her prenatal records, just in case.
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My recollection is that they reccomend against flying in unpressurized cabins when pregnant. I will poke around and see if I can find it.
darn, i thought there was something i did not know. :LOL
I heard that it's ok to fly when pregnant, just be aware that pregnant women fatigue easily and her arms might get tired before she completes the flight. This is why animals that fly (birds, insects) tend to lay eggs rather than giving birth to live babies.

I found this

Pregnant women should not fly in an aeroplane with an unpressurized cabin (usually small planes) because changes in pressure could cause your waters to break before they should.

I don't know the site so don't know if it is particularly alarmist. Are you certain the plane is not pressurized or assuming? Also... that's a darn short flight, isn't it? I wonder how high they actually get. If they fly pretty low it might be less of a concern.
There seem to be two possible concerns. Pressure and oxygen levels. Take a look at this thread from that Ob/Gyn message board.
They site but don't quote a couple of articles, ACOG publication and JAMA.

The long and short seems to be that if she stays under about 10,000 feet it is likely to be fine, so you just need to learn more about the plane and the flight.
Thanks, I found that info too.

I am advising *for* because BIL (who flies the plane) generally flies between 2,500-7,000 feet and can opt to stay low. So, she would be at a lower elevation than, say Bend, so it shouldn't be a problem.

I also saw the 10,000 ft issue but they are just flying from Seattle to Portland, so no mountains in the way.

Thanks again!
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