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anyone know about the newish 'radian' car seat?

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have you seen this? its made by sunshine kids. a five point harness system for taller kids but easier to fit into cars than my britax seats. sorry i dont have a clue how to give you a link, but a search will bring it right up. i am hoping someone has some good info on this seat, as it is newish and i am leary, but intrigued.
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I have it and absoultuly love it. I have a tallish 3 year old at almost 40inches but shes thing just around 30lbs (now she was 29lbs when we bought it). We were deciding between this and the Britax Marathon as I wanted to harness her as long as I can and I need something airline compatible. The marathon didn't fit right in my car it kinda leaned foward no matter how much we messed with in (professionally installed) and DD undid the harness way too easily
: THe Radian however fit our car like a glove and its rock solid, and DD loves it though I have heard it doesn't in all cars. So I'll reccomend it but I'll also say you need to get what both fits your DC and your car the best.

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We're going to need one of these for ds. He's got about an inch left on him Graco Car Go harness. It works as a booster after that, but with 3 seats across it's virtually impossible to buckle in as a booster. Ds is 6 (today!) but only about 33 lbs, so I don't even feel safe moving him to a booster. Now, to talk to
Grandma about helping us pay for it...
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