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Anyone know anything about . . . er . . . colon cleaners?

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But seriously, anyone have any information on these products? Are they safe? Effective? Useful?
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I don't know what you mean by colon cleansers but if you mean teas and or "supplements" I would be kind of leery. Anything that strips your intestines of it's mucosal layers can't be too healthy for you.

I happen to think that fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains foods are best for you. Eat foods close to how they looked like in nature and you'll get enough fiber to cleanse your colon.

My nutritionist advises to go with psyllium husk as a powder or supplement. Also, there's a book called Dr Jensen's Guide to better colon care, or something similar. That should have more info on the topic.
I had a colon hydrotherapy done twice and loved it! Sounds weird I know, but I felt wonderful afterwards! I have been suffering with terrible constipation and nothing would help - so I decided to try it out. First time it was quite horrible feeling, but I went very next day again and it felt great! I wish I had the money to do the complete sesion (I think it's 12 of them - two a month I think) but it is very expensive. But I have not had a constipation since that - it has been over a year since I had it done.
WEll, this is going to sound really gross, but I am going to tell it anyway....

I have a high enema colonic board here in my house. I have used it a couple of times. I need to use it again, but basically , I make a tea out of a few herbs brewed together. I am not talking about the amount you would use to drink. I am talking a POT full off tea. Then I strain it off, and chill it off with cool water (in a five gallon bucket) til it is lukewarm. Then I set the board up in the bathroom, get on it, relax and let it do it's thing.

There is a long rubber tube that is used with a tension thing on it so the water doesn't just poor into you right away. You actually can set the your own flow to what is comfortable for you.

ONce the tea goes inside, don't hold it in. Let it flow in and flow out at will. You must remain relaxed for this. It takes about an hour to do. It is awesome. I feel much better when I have done one of these. It can be done up to twice a week, but more preferrable just one time a week. It is not necessary to stress the colon out by any more than once a week, in my opinion.

The lady I know that owns the herbal store is the one that told me about this. I bought a board from her. She started doing this on a regular basis and I was amazed at how much weight she lost. Her colon was functioning on a normal basis instead of being clogged and bogged down by all the processed foods that most of us consume. Not to mention she became VERY healthy. She said that this type of enema can and will remove colon polyps over a period of use. She has seen them come out of her. Colonics help everything else flow in the body properly, eliminating colds, and congestion, etc. She said the reason we get sick is because our colons are bogged down and can't eliminate excess mucous in our bodies caused by certain foods, drugs, and illnesses.

Wow, I am rejuvenated to start using mine again. I am curious, is the colon hydrotherapy the same as using this colonic board with a five gallon bucket Pavlina?
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