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anyone know anything about healthier eating for type II diabetic?

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DH has this, so does his mom........which puts my son at high risk obviously. I want to start cooking better for all of us, and have DS on the right track from the start not to have a diet that will add to his already high risk.
So far, ds is only 8 mos. old and I have only fed him whole wheat bread, baby cereal (not much, and he is starting to not want me to feed him, so that's going out the window. :p), lots of fruits and veggies, and just gave him a little chicken in the last couple days.
I do a lot of homemade baby food, but when I do buy jars, I do NOT buy those high-sugar 'desserts', and I give him water in a sippy, not juice. (I have made frozen baby-juice popsicles for his teething, but considering he eats about a third of one and it's about 2 oz. of juice, he's not getting much that way.

anyone have any other advice/ideas? I don't plan on giving ds sweets till he's old enough to know what it is. I don't plan on eliminating them entirely, as I think that's just asking him to binge whenever it's offered (at friend's houses, birthdays, etc.)
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The book I am reading right now talks about type II, Super Foods RX is a great read. It focuses on eating whole foods and staying away from processed foods. Foods like beans, oats, oj, salmon, and nuts are considered great for lowering effects of type II. Wish you luck, diet modification is what I would try.
I just have to chime in here to say that all of them men we know on my Dads side of the family have died of diabetes. My dad is just about 70 years old and healthy, no diabetes in sight.

When my mom married him 32 years ago she always had healthy food (no processed stuff)and plenty of vitamins/supplements for him to take. She also has done lots of reading on what to take to help prevent diabetes. He is so healthy in fact that his glasses where causing him problems so he went to the eye dr to find out his eyes have IMPROVED. LOL

So I just wanted diet really is important and it appears to work.
You might find this article by Thomas Smith interesting.

He has a book out called Insulin: Our Silent Killer.
The best way to manage diabetes is to eat foods that break down more slowly into simple sugars. The less processed the food, the better. The higher in fiber, the longer it takes to break down.

Many fruits are very high in sugar, so if you want to cultivate a taste for lower sugar, avoid: bananas, mangoes, and other really sweet fruit. Good fruits include berries (high in fiber) and melons (high in water).

When eating grain-based foods, focus on either whole grains (brown rice, barley, wheat berries, etc.) or baked goods made from whole/sprouted grains. Trader Joe's has some really good sprouted grain bread, as well as brown rice and whole wheat pastas.

Finally, always try to get the majority of your carbs from veges first, then whole grains, then fruits. If you can limit your processed carb in take to once a day, preferably at night, you will be doing well.

FWIW, my father and uncle are Type II, my nephew is Type I, I am hypoglycemic and our whole family has worked very hard over the last year to develop and maintain a low-carb lifestyle. It was hard at first, but now I love it!
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