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Anyone know anything about these dipes??

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It seems that I recall a mom posting here about these not too long ago. From what I remember, she liked them.

: I wish I could remember which mama it was...

I'd like to try these out one of these days but my poor Nye can only wear so many diapers in a day.

Um, like I should let that stop me, right? :LOL
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Yes, I have a fitted from there. Jasmine is a very nice WAHM who did a custom order for me. I can't remember which style I have, but it's a front-snapping. I had her make it quick dry, and the outside is a beautiful royal blue dragonfly print and the inner a royal blue microfleece. (It has a hemp soaker.)

I like the diaper. It is pretty and well made. If I were to have her do a custom order again, I would have her make only the center of the soaker fleece topped (it's a trifold soaker). I think that would cut down on the bulk. She has an AWESOME fabric selection -- so many great choices.

I got my custom order for one diaper in 3-4 weeks, which took a little longer than anticipated. I also think if I were to order again, I would have her do two rows of snaps in the front to make the rise more adjustable rather than just one. The snaps are a little near to the top of the diaper.

All in all, a nice diaper -- and you can't beat the prices and fabric selection.
I've never tried the diapers but I know that the bunny patch has been around a long time and I've never heard anything bad about Jasmine or her dipes
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