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anyone know flash or dhtml/web design?

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hi! i have a business that i have designed the site for, but I want to use flash to do a drop down menu and don't know where to begin.

does anyone know, or know someone, who does?

thanks a gazillion!!
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I have a some experience with Flash before ds was born 3 years ago (and two versions of the Flash authoring software). Flash isn't easy (no Macromedia program is), but there are a ton of really good tutorials out there to learn/copy from.

I'd start at if you're really wanting to tackle this.

Good luck!

thanks olive! i appreciate the link. although, after looking it over, I think maybe it's not flash that i need. maybe it's dhtml or something?

here is a link to my site's new page that I'm thinking of, and see if you can tell what I'm talking about. I don't want to have underlines for links on the menus, and would either like the mouseover drop down effect, or just the mouseover underline thing.

here it is http://dipstickspretzels.homestead.c...frontidea.html

any info is appreciated. thanks again!
Don't use Flash, web spiders won't be able to read it, and I actually leave on sites that use flash, ha.

I'm a web programmer and code everything by hand, but even I prefer to use a little program to manage my DHTML menu links. You will want them to work on most browsers and leave only a small footprint.

I've used Sothink DHTMLMenu and DHTML Menu Builder. Forgot which one I'm actually using in my shop, I think it's the Sothink one. Makes it a piece of cake!
You can use CSS which is very search engine friendly. Here's a site with tons of navigation options:
For DHTML, go to

They are AWESOME. They give you free code that you can use for anything from drop-down menus to photo galleries.
I used them for the drop-downs and photo galleries on

Everything is easy, they tell you what code to modify, so if you are new to it you can still muddle through.
Yup, what you want is DHTML. Dynamic Drive has the best selection of menus I've found for those who want a copy and paste solution that you can customize. I have an expandable DHTML menu I hand coded on my website and I LOVE it. So much better than just a ton of links displayed IMHO.

Hee, I was going to say use SoThink, too. I've used that widget on a ton of sites. It is WELL worth the $, tons of colors, layouts, etc. to choose from.
thanks for all the replies! I can't wait to start working at it! i'll post the new improved site soon.

Thanks again!!!
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