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Anyone know if there's a wool cover like this?

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My DH loves the Bumkins wrap for the little flap in the front to hold the pf. He says that's the easiest way to diaper, just lay it in and off you go. We don't love the aplix, since she can undo it, nor the vent in the back (aka the poop escape hatch) nor the nylon, especially since summer is approaching. I am bound and determined to be in just wool for the summer; no nylon, no pul. I like snaps. I like my new stacinator. I can sometimes get a pf to just lay in it with no fastener, but DH can't. We do some fitteds but he says they're too much work.

Anyway, the point of this ramble is that I'm looking for a snapping wool cover with a little front flap to hold a pf. Does such a thing exist? A diaper that would actually make me and Dh happy?
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