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Hi all!<br>
Ive been reading some of your posts and I'm so glad I found you.<br>
I am new to this board but I've been continously researching about vax's since I became pregnant for the 2nd time 1yr ago. I have a 9 yr old who I did vax with exception to the Flu and Chicken pox shots but fast forward 9 yrs later... after educating myself... I've opted not to vax my 4 month old daughter. However, I am still learning and interested in knowing more because to me it's not just about the child's health and the diseases that the vax are responsible for in today's population... but also about the political/social impositions.<br><br>
Now... in my continued research I'm interested in finding out what cultures and religions traditionally oppose vaccinations if any. Does anyone know? Please share as I am gathering some information for a piece I want to write.
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