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Anyone know the term for this? Or if I am remembering correctly?

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my 3rd dd was posterior, I arrived at the hospital at 5cm, induced for circulation issues, baby had dropped really low the day before induction. With the 1st exam, I overheard the nurse describing that she was having to reach under baby's head to check dialation of the cervix. I know that the few checks I had were incredibly painful, more so than with my 1st two labors. Anyhoo, I wondered if there was a term for this or if I
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sounds like your cervix was in a posterior position (pointing towards your back/spine instead of towards your front). that would certainly explain the extra pain you felt because the nurse probably had to reach quite far into your vagina.

was your daughter born posterior (face up) or did she turn before you pushed her out? maybe the nurse was referring to your cervix and not your baby?

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