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Anyone know when it's safe (age wise) to have a child go through a cleanse?

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Dh and I both believe in cleansing and detoxifying the body and were wondering when children should start cleansing. How do we know what age and what cleanses are safe? Are there any books or info that we could research on this topic or have any personal experiences w/this? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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In my opinion kids should not be subjected to anything like that while they are growing. Although they can be put on a pure raw diet for a while, or vegetarian, but not a total cleasing diet.
Yeah, not a juice fast or anything like that. But if you're talking about chelating agents, and liver support, and such, I think they need to be verbal enough to inform you of side effects. We deal with metals poisoning in my house. Sometimes chelators like kelp or cilantro can give you headaches. The headache might signal that the chelator is moving metals in the brain- not good if you're coming down with something, and the blood-brain barrier is more permeable. We use foodish amounts of cleansers until she can tell us how her body is reacting. We will not have a choice but to perform some chelation before the age many would- because the metals in her system are more dangerous than the cleansing process.
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