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anyone know where to get a vibrating...

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(stop it you pervs!)

...crayon holder? that particular search terminology turned up some pretty nasty stuff. might be better if someone just points me to a site. :LOL
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i'm serious...i need one for my 3yo.
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I have no idea- have you checked teaching supply stores?
You'll want to look at websites/catalogues of companies that target children with special needs/early childhood. Here are a few:
thanks for the links. i had no idea what to look for! i tried "vib. crayon holder", "occupational therapy supplies", and "sensory toys". the OT is no help, she has had hers so long she cant recall where she got it. it would be really cool if we had a sticky where ppl could post all of their fave sites for stuff like this. mods?
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This place might have one

Or maybe you can rubber-band one onto a crayon?
This is for the squiggle pens. I never saw one for crayons but my son used these with the pens for stimulating his hands and without the pens to just hold against his cheek for facial muscle stim. Hope this helps.
thank you! that is almost exactly what i wanted. i guess i never thought to look for one with ink, just one that held crayons b/c that is what the OT has. this should work just fine, we'll be ordering today!
TY again.
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OK, I've never heard of or seen a vibratins crayon holder, although I'd like to.
The place to look for stuff like that is in therapy catalogs. Your therapist should haev several since that's where they get their stuff and are on all those mailing lists. The best catalog I know is Abilitations. Here is the link.

They do carry vibrating pens and they have something else which I am ordering-- it is a set of pens that vibrate but the vibration is so fine that your child can't feel it (I don't think) so there's no squiggly lines and stuff like that. They look like regular pens. So, they give input but no one really knows. the ones that vibrate usually are only for fun with my kid since she can't do her homework with them or something. That's why I think these will be better for using all the time.

This catalog does carry a bunch of vibrating stuff--- hair brushes, toys and pens.

There's other therapy catalogs too, but I can't think of their names right now. You can find some if you do a search for therapy toys.

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the autism resource network in hopkins, mn has all sorts of stuff like that. if you google them you'll get the info. i love the woman because she will find it FOR you.

i'm ordering one from that site, too. i think the sticky is a great idea. if nothing else we can start an info on toys and stuff thread.........
Not sure if you've found one yet or not, but a few other catalogs are therapro and pocket full of therapy. I get catalogs from these two and also abilitations and they've got great products, be sure to price compare b/c they can vary depending on which catalog it's one seems to have the lowest overall prices, it just depends on the item.. hth
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