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Anyone know who makes or sells Cuddlebuns who isn't on this list?

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I also know of cottontail baby and lilbunz.

Anyone else know other places to find CB's???
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CottonTail Baby wholesales them from Melissa of Posh Punkins (says so on the CB page). Lilbunz isn't someone I recognize as a licensed CW either, no seals or anything on the site. All CuddleWAHMs (well, any BBY WAHM) are supposed to have their seal level on a prominent spot on their site (ie front page and any page that has CB or other BBY product on it). You can always e-mail them and see who they are wholesaling from if you are really curious.
I am mainly looking for more places to buy them from. I don't really care who makes them.
I don't think that list is very up to date because some of the sites don't work anymore. So I was wondering if there are anymore mamas out there who aren't on the list yet who sell them.
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That list is only for licensed contractors, so you won't see anyone else on there that sells CB. I'm not sure who all is wholesaling and where they wholesale to. I will let the mama in charge of keeping that up to date know that some of the sites are not working, though if the member is a lifetime license holder I'm not sure if their site will be removed or not. And it's not just CuddleWAHMs listed there, it's all BBY WAHMs. Here is another place to look, though I didn't see anything in stock WAHM Boutique
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