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Anyone like metal snaps??

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Ok, I'm such an idiot... I USED to own a snap press for the resin snaps. I tried it for a while but got annoyed trying to figure out snap placement, etc (I was using my own pattern rather than using a bought one). Plus sometimes it was tricky applying the right amount of pressure- sometimes the snaps wouldn't even work because I pushed too hard. Anyway, I ended up selling the snap press and using the $ for some diapers or something.

Now I find myself with fabric to make some diapers. I thought I would be happy with aplix/touchtape (which I have used extensively in the past for our homemade diapers) but find myself spending tons of time looking at snapping diapers online. The trouble is; I don't have enough paypal to buy more diapers, OR to buy another snap press (nor do I desire trying to explain my crazy line of thinking to dh...)

So, anyway, I was at and saw the cutest metal snaps with designs on them- like monkeys and sunshine. They can be applied with a snap setter, which isn't too expensive. BUT, given my dh's nickel allergy, I can't put metal snap parts near baby's skin. Snap parts would have to be hidden, which is more work (plus harder to replace a snap if it falls out!). My experience with metal snaps is that they don't stay put like the resin ones. Would it be a waste of money to get some of the cute ones and a snap setter and try it anyway????? I am now using the Very Baby fitted pattern, which does give snap placement, so at least that part wouldn't be frustrating!

I know; should have kept the snap press. But, when you have a $0 budget for diapers, and an ever-changing list of stuff you want to try, sometimes decisions are made rather hastily regarding what should be sold for paypal!!!

So, anyway, opinions on metal snaps???? I'm a sucker for the cute designs...

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I'd be worried they would eventually rust, or another thing, I'm often putting diapers on DS straight out of the dryer and the metal would get so hot!

You can also send your diapers to a snap service, if you decide you'd rather resin snaps but don't want to buy the press.

edit: you can also get resin snaps with cute designs. I can't seem to find them online right now, but I've seen them somewhere. Flowers, fish, and a few other designs.
I don't have a lot to tell you right now - I'm watching this thread because I just bought a snap setter from I actually love aplix on fitted diapers. I hate it for covers though and would like to try making a few wool and fleece covers. I went with the snap setter rather than the snap press for the resin snaps because I am starting a business making children's clothing and decided that I liked the metal snaps for the clothing better, even if they cost more per snap. I have found the snap setter easy to use. So, I too am wondering how it will work on diapers/covers.
I use metal snaps on my diapers. However, I've only used them on one diaper that I have in my rotation. They're not hidden, I forgot to. They work fine, haven't rusted yet and I've been using it about a month. I'm applying metal snaps on a diaper I'm making right now, but I'm hiding the snaps.

I want a snap press though and I'm *this* close to buying one.
I have put metal snaps on a few diapers that I have made DD. They seem to work well so far. A couple I put metal on were made 8-9 months ago.. she still fits them, no rust, no skin problems, no problems at all.

If I had a snap press the metal would be so yesterdays news... butttttttttttttttt .. you do with what you have right?

Ok, question.. how do you hide the snaps? I really wanna know this trick so I can try it!
You put it on just one or two layers instead of all layers in the diaper. Like, say you're making a pocket. You only have 2 layers, your waterproof layer and your wicking layer. You would put the snaps on the PUL/fleece with a scrap of more pul or fleece for stability, then you would sew up the diaper.

Same for fitteds or AIOs, except I do it on 2 of the body layers so I don't need the scrap
The problem I had with hidden snaps (back when I used resin snaps briefly)-- I turn and topstitch my diapers, and it was really hard doing the topstitching near the snaps. I think I had to put my zipper foot on my machine. It was kind of a pain. Plus it took longer to make the diaper since I had to cut out each layer put the snaps through just 2 of them, then add the 3rd (normally I use the pattern to cut out the hidden flannel layer, sew the internal soaker to that, then pin it to the outer/inner layers and sew; the inner/outer layers don't have to be cut out exactly as long as I follow what I cut out for the flannel layer when I sew, KWIM?

So, here's an idea to keep things easy and fast still-- make the diapers like I always have, topstitch when done, THEN add the snaps, and then cut out a piece of fleece and sew it over the snap parts that would touch baby's skin. Since fleece won't unravel it doesn't need to be in the diaper seam. Anyone try anything like this? I'm just trying to think of ideas where I can still make diapers the FAST way I'm used to!
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I have used metal snaps for months with no problems. They work as well as the resin ones for me, but I did do them hidden. But I still prefer Aplix so most of my stash still has that.
I've been thinking about adding a die set for metal snaps to my snap press collection. Those metal snaps with designs are way cute and I agree with the pp who said that she thinks metal snaps look better for clothing. I would really like to be able to do jean snaps for my boys too.

3inCD, do you have a drill press that you could use for a snap press? I love that money-saving idea!
I think my dh has a drill press (at least he used to; not sure if he kept it when we moved). Is there a thread somewhere with directions for using it for a snap press? Would I just need the die set and snaps, or are there some other special parts/tools required to adapt it?

You can get nickel-free snaps from here:
but I believe they are open caps so they wouldn't be cute just functional
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