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Anyone make fleece shorts???

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Does anyone know of a source for fleece shorts? I frequently have ds in just a diaper around the house and it is so easy to just pop on some fleece pants to go out for a quick errand or to play outside or whatever. I would love some fleece shorts for the summer -
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Zoom Baby Gear makes some cute ones. You can also find them on Hyena Cart.
Thanks for all the links!!

EmmalinesMom - I can't get that link to work and google isn't helping me. Do you have any other link for her????
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I've been looking Kathy, and I just can't find it! I know she posts over at the Pin, so maybe that will bring better luck of finding her.
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Found it! She's at Stone Soup at HC now, but has some spots for customs. Just scroll down a bit:
Wow! Thanks for finding her -

I haven't purchased any shorts yet. I wrote the other 2 about sizing but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll will def. go check her out.
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