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Anyone NOT having contractions?

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I feel like I'm the only one lol. I get some BHs here and there, but nothing major and not very frequently. Am I doomed to be pregnant forever? lol.
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I'm 38w3d and only having occasional BH, not at all painful. But this is my first, so it's not surprising. You're not alone, though.
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If you are, so am I
I have had a few decent ones just in the last 24 hours, but really just BH I think. The only "yay" moments I have are cervical twinges. And I'll be 38w on monday!
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38w 1d, and nothing other than an occaisonal BH. DS1 came at exactly 38w, so I feel overdue. And I have zero labor symptoms. He's going to be here for a while, I think.
I have only had one, and it was more of a cervical twinge. Haven't even felt any BH... Glad I'm not the only one.
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Me too! I'm 37w3d and haven't felt too much. Up until last night, I only felt very mild, occasional BH; last night was the first time I felt anything that was more than mild and fleeting (and it wasn't much to write home about, anyway). And just the occasional cervical twinge...

You're not alone!
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i've been having a lot this time but jsut to let you ladies know i didnt have any at all.. not even one BH contraction for 3-4 days before i went in to labor with my 3rd... then all of a sudden they were every 3-4 min and i was in labor.. lol so dont worry.. it will happen eventually!!
Maybe 1 or 2 a day, very slight. Don't worry! Better to not have them than have a lot for weeks.
Phew, I feel better

This is my second but I had a c/s with my first at just a few days shy of my EDD, and I didn't go into labor at all beforehand. I never even felt a BH with him. Now that I'm planning my HBAC I have this inane, illogical fear that I won't ever go into labor LOL.
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Originally Posted by Marilyn82 View Post
... I have this inane, illogical fear that I won't ever go into labor LOL.
I completely understand! My first was an induction for pre-e at 40w0d, and my second was a 41w c/s after prolonged ROM and no--I mean NO--labor. Well, I was contracting about every 20 min for the last 18 hours of it or so, but I slept through them, so that tells you how "real" they were.

I am really trying to use affirmations to keep myself in the right head space: "My body knows when and how to birth a baby." "Labor will begin when my body and my baby are ready." "I am whole and NOT broken." That kind of thing. My doula and I even have my DH trained to say, "Well, when he comes on his own..."

We WILL birth these babes!!!
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I am 38w1d have had only BH, so far.
38w1d here and maybe a few bh every once in a while and for some reason on midwife appointment days I get a little crampy, but that's it. I think I'll be going past my due date once again...which is fine with me
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Nope. Some days maybe 3 BH, plenty of days one or none at all. Doesn't bother me, I don't think it's really a prediction either way.
38+2 here and only BH every once in a while. Was getting them much more frequently before and now they are petering out. I do get cervical twinges all the time, but not associated with any contractions.

Come on baby!
Funny I was having tons, but since I have stopped working and get more rest they are almost down to a few a day. With my first I started with lots at 39 weeks, with the second 38 weeks, and with this one I will be 37 weeks tomorrow, so I am guessing they are soon to come. Lots of practice labor in the works I am sure.
I'm not having contractions. Not even BH... I'll probably just be pregnant forevever

Actually I may have had one BH contraction about a week ago when we went on a really long walk. But I didn't even notice it until I was feeling my stomach from the outside, I couldn't feel it internally at all. Not sure if that was really a contraction or not.
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Funny I was having tons, but since I have stopped working and get more rest they are almost down to a few a day. QUOTE]

Mine started last Friday at work and were increasing Monday and Tuesday...I stopped working and things relaxed in my uterus too.
I'm only just over 35 weeks, and nothing here yet to indicate labor anytime soon. Well... I have been fighting a cold, and sneezing or coughing was making me wonder if my water was breaking at first, then I figured out it was just... well...
that's a whole 'nother thread of things that you don't realize happen with subsequent pregnancies!
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My water broke with my first at 37w1d and I had never felt so much as a BH before. She was born 10 hours later.

This time I'm feeling crampy with the occasional BH. I'm 37 weeks today and hoping the full moon will get things going on Tuesday
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I'm not really. As a rule I only get them when I'm out doing stuff and I overextend myself. And even then, they're not real contractions IMO. My belly just kinda seizes up for a long time til I get home and relax.
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