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Anyone NOT queasy all the time?

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I have had MS with all 3 prior pregnancys, and the last I had hypermesis (sp?).....but this time around I am not feeling that queasy except when my stomach is empty. Does this mean the baby might not be healthy? I know someone once said MS was a sign that your hormones were making a healthy baby.....and that statement has me a little worried. Have nay of you ever NOT had alot of MS and still had a healthy baby?

Of course, I am knocking on wood here, that as soon as I post this I dont get full fledged MS.
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I didnt have morning sickness with Kendall and only a few bouts of nausea with my other two. All three were and are extremely healthy.
I hadn't been except for in the morning, but man, today it's been NONSTOP, ugggg. Just driving and smelling exhaust makes me want to barf.
i had no nausea with my first, horrible with my second, and nothing so far on this one
i don't think there is anything wrong mama, i think your body just handles the hormones differently each time
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HI LeighAnne and congrats!! I didnt have any MS with my DD and this time so far same as you- only feeling naseous when my belly is on Empty
I only get queasy when I smell chocolate, especially when it is with a peanut smell (good thing I don't like chocolate) or when I have eaten too much or something I shouldn't. I gets worse until I get my mind off of the nausea. It's getting a bit worse... ew
ugh well we are at my inlaws for the weekend celebrating passover and my FIL smokes cigars like a freight i am starting to feel non stop sick to my stomach everytime I smell smoke. ugh ugh ugh i miss our smoke free home!
I've only had waves but expect the tidal anytime soon
. I was so sick w/ dd and ds that I lost lots of weight. But w/ my last pg that ended in m/c I had no sickness and many other clues made me realize that baby wouldnt be staying
. So I say- BRing it on!!!For me it is wonderful to feel awful
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I've only had a few waves of nausea so far. With dd I didn't start to feel really bad until around 6 weeks. I'm 5.3 weeks now. Part of me wishes I would feel something b/c like you I'm worrying that it's a bad sign. I know in my head that nausea is really no indicator of how the pregnancy will end up.
I have not had too much nausea yet and I have been worrying about the same thing. When I was pg with Elle I didn't have bad morning sickness but I did have dry heaves from time to time but this time I have not had that happen yet. I have been trying not to worry too much. I do however have other pg symptoms so that reassures me KWIM?
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I haven't been too nauseaous yet (so far) but man my gag reflex has been nuts! And get your heads out of the gutter! I'm talking about brushing my teeth.

Originally Posted by milk_maker
I haven't been too nauseaous yet (so far) but man my gag reflex has been nuts! And get your heads out of the gutter! I'm talking about brushing my teeth.
I've been EXTREMELY lucky that I've never had morning sickness with any of my pregnancies. So far, nothing with this one either, but it's still real early. My mouth is watering a lot though.
I had horrible m/s with ds1 starting at 5 1/2 weeks. With ds2 the m/s did not start until 8 weeks. This time I have had a few short waves here and there.
Hi there,

My morning sickness comes in waves. Somedays it is bad, others it is not. I only full on barfed once and had dry heaves the past two days. My boobs are super sore, though. I am only 4wks, due around Dec. 20th.
You know, this is my 4th pregnancy.

With the 1st and 3rd, I was rarely queasy or nauseaous at all. And with those 2, I had very healthy little boys -- now almost 7 and almost 3

With #3, I was sick, puking sick, from week 5 to week 18. It was horrible. I felt like I had killer flu all those weeks. And then, inexplicably, at 21 weeks, I went into labor and that baby boy was stillborn delivered.

With this one, #4, I feel pretty great. A little nausea some days, usually only when I allow myself to get too hungry. A little extra tired in the afternoons.

Each pregnancy is SOOO different that it's hard to see trends sometimes.

Try not to drive yourself insane and just keep gestating a healthy baby bean.
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I had morning, afternoon and night sickness with both my dds. So far I haven't had any full-on nausea or morning sickness. I do get queasy if I'm too hungry or too full.
Jumping in from October...

I am 16 weeks along with my first - and so far so good! I too had ZERO morning sickness and was quite worried about lack of nausea! My midwife told me that its completely normal either way and it doesn't indicate a problem at all.

I'd just try to relax and ENJOY feeling good!
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