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I am a Mother of 3 boys ages 5mos-4.5yrs and none of them have ever been to a well child visit. I have never had the need. I wanted to hear from other parents who have taken this approach and when you did take your child in did the medical staff wonder where your charts and records where? I ask this because we are getting new insurance and in order to choose a provider children need to be seen.....
I use herbs and hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and breast milk to help my children recover from illness.
Recently i used an onion poultice to banish my sons was miraculous! Saute a yellow onion with 1-2 T olive oil slightly then place in cheese cloth and cool down, place on chest with healing pad on it for 15-20 min repeat process if nessesary.
Love to hear other mothercraft recipies!
Momma to
Sol "00
Tolan"02 and baby :
Canyon" June 27th,04
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