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Anyone nursing?

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I am still nursing my 22 month old. At night I feel my uterus sort of fluttering while he's nursing. Anyone else experience this before?
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When I nurse DS, I feel nauseous and have a weird feeling in the pit of my uterus. But I often think that I am imagining it because I have all of this health knowledge. I don't really feel fluttering in my uterus. But I do feel fluttering in my cervix. Again, I wonder if I am imagining this because how could I possibly feel such a thing?
I am nursing my 15 month old. I have slightly sore nipples,. but otherwise it doesnt bother me.
I'm not nursing now (my son weaned in Feb at 2 yrs 7 mos) but I did nurse through my second pregnancy. I do remember having twinges sometimes when she was nursing - never had any strong contractions, but definitely did feel something.

Artist Mama - my milk dried up midway through the pregnancy, but my DD kept on nursing the whole time (she was about 21 mos at that point). She was pretty happy in the last few weeks when I was making colostrum, and REALLY happy after the birth when I had plenty of milk again! She continued to nurse until her 4th birthday.
I am still nursing my 31 month old daughter. I want to nurse her through the pregnancy and tandem nurse, we are child-led weaning. I am so scared that she will wean when my milk dries up. She really loves to nurse, she still nurses at least 20 times a day and sometimes at night (1-4 times). I am not having any nipple sensitivity or irritation, I still love nursing her as much as normal. I am really hoping she doesn't wean because I will feel sooooog guilty.
Heavenly, try not to feel guilty. Your dd will only wean totally if she is ready. Otherwise she'll hang in there. Should it happen, weaning is not that bad. You still have the close connection with the child, it just manifests itself in other ways, some of which are so cool (like intense cuddling). My dd never wanted to hug or cuddle until we weaned. I actually liked branching out into myriad ways of being together and comforting her instead of it all being about the breast. When I was nursing, I envied my husband being able to rock her and stroke her...she never wanted much of that from me!

We're still nursing - DD is 20 months old. She seems to be nursing much more since I got a positive, and it's kind of annoying. I'm grateful it's not painful - I don't want to wean because I"m preggo.
I'm still nursing dd who is 3 and 8 mos. So far there's no real breast tenderness or anything but I was wondering how it will be when I start making colostrum (waay down the road). I suppose dd's intake won't interfere with what the baby gets?

I never really expected dd to still be nursing but I hope we can continue as long as she wants to, I don't want to add "forced weaning" to her possible list of grievances against the baby!
Has anyone read Mothering Your Nursing Toddler or Adventures in Tandem Nursing? Is either one worthwhile?
ds is 20 months and still nursing strong, day and night. No tenderness or anything here so far, but i'm only 5 weeks along so i'll knock on wood for now.
I just found out prego with baby #3 this time last week. I have a 3 year old daughter and a 10.5 month old baby girl that is still nursing and my hope is she will continue too. I am drinking mothers milk tea and red rasberry leaft tea both know to help with milk supply and having a bowl of oatmeal everymorning. I learned that oat meal actual increases the milk supply. whether that is true for everyone or not I don't know but it has been working for me.
Congrats to all you newly pregnant mommas and I look forward to sharing this new incredible journey with all of you.
I am nursing 16 mo ds. My nipples are pretty sore but I think I can handle it. I haven't felt anything hapening other than that. Last pregnancy, my cervix started effacing early and ds was born early @ 32 weeks. I am sure the drs are going to want me to wean asap. i am not sure what I am going to do as I planned to clw.
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Here's some good info on nursing and pg

Apparently, breastfeeding and preterm labor are not linked.
tomsgirl: Thanks for the link, someone else in another thread had mentioned it but had not posted the link. It has some good info on there. I would like to read some books and go a little more in depth too.

Thanks Again,
I felt that fluttering you're talking about with m/c #1. I was worried there was a connection between the m/c and BF but my MW and LLL leader both assured me that there wasn't. Not feeling it this time though.

The only connection between BF and m/c is before the pregnancy is even detected. Sometimes BF hormones can inhibit implantation. Once a pregnancy is established there is no causal link (I read this in Adventures in Tandem Nursing, which is a great book BTW)

I do think that if you have a history of preterm labor you should probably consider weaning. But I think you have time to do it slowly--if you wean by 5 months or so you should be OK. If you don't have a history there is no connection.
I loved Mothering you nursing toddler. Great book to refer to time and time again. Garrett weaned in Nov at 39 months. Fabulous gradual wean.
We are still nursing here, too. The nursing doesn't bother me, but she wants to nurse twice as much as she did pre-pregnancy, which is difficult. And, the twiddling my other nipple thing is driving me batty. I never enjoyed it before, but now I want to scream when she twiddles. It doesn't even hurt, just a weird sensation that I hate.
my dd is 7 months and still nursing as her primary nutrition source. I'm really nervous about my milk drying up because in this case I feel like it's a nutritional necessity. I'm going to do everything I can to keep my supply while trying to store up a supply of pumped milk in case it dries up. I'm planning to get some mothers milk two from motherlove in hopes it will help.

I'm not experiencing any symptoms while nursing. I hope that continues, but we'll have to see. With my first pregnancy, I remember swollen, tender breasts as being one of my most significant early symptoms, but I'm at least that far along now and not feeling that.
: not my favorite thing. I just repeatedly move her hand. Eventually (after about 20 times) she gets the point. I don't understand why DD is nursing so much. I really don't think it's teething. She's just out of control grouchy, won't eat, and wants to nurse all the time. Maybe she'd coming down with something.
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