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Anyone on weight watchers while breastfeeding?

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I am 8 months postpartum and still 20 pounds over my prepregnancy weight
:. I am worried about dieting and losing my breast milk, however, I saw that weight watchers has a special plan for nursing mothers.

I did weight watchers a few years ago to lose weight for wedding and it worked really well - am wondering if any breastfeeding mothers have had experience with the weight watchers program while breastfeeding. Were you able to continue nursing even while losing weight?
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I don't personally have any experience with it, althought I did lose a bunch of weight with weight watchers once long ago and could use to lose the same bunch of weight again.

However I have heard it recommended by several moms over at
I started following WW for nursing mothers when DD2 was 2 months old. (After 3 kids, I finally accepted that I'm not one of the women who loses weight from breastfeeding, even tandem or triandem nursing.
) It worked great for me, I lost 60 lbs and never had a problem with my supply.

The first few days were an adjustment for me (just because I had to get used to normal portion sizes) but I ate all my "points" each day and usually a lot of the weekly points as well. I would save some points for a treat each night, either a little dessert or a glass of wine. I wish I had tried WW years ago, I've been really happy with it!
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kellymom has some great guidelines for dieting that you could make work for any program. I'm not really sure of the specifics for WW, but if you can manage to follow the 6 guidelines, i think your milk would be ok.

I should really do something to get this baby weight off too.. eesh.
I've been thinking about Weight Watchers, too. I'm about 4 weeks pp now, but I gained A LOT while pregnant... and... never fully lost my weight from previous pregnancies. I've got some serious work to do, so 'm thinking of starting between 2 and 3 months pp.

I'll be very curious to hear about your experience. Please keep us posted.
Thanks Sonja for your input, I'm going to sign up this weekend. Wish me luck!
Madimamacita, thanks for the link it was reassuring to know that I probably won't jeopardize my supply (there is no way I'm going under 1200 calories - I love food way too much!)
There's a WW thread here somewhere....I just posted on it, so it should be close to the top.

WW gives you extra calories (points) for nursing - and it's important that you use those. WW focuses on portion control, getting in fruits, veggies and whole grains, along with a little healthy oil and exercise. There is no reason why you can't make it work with breastfeeding.
I started WW when I was 8 mos postpartum and lost almost 50 lbs. It took me a little over 2 years since I started in late winter 2006 and made goal/lifetime last April. I didn't wean my dd until earlier this year when she was 3.5. WW gives more points to nursing Mamas and I ended uo often going over by a few points since when I followed the plan exactly I did have issues with milk production and was starving.

I have kept the weight off over a year now so I really feel pretty good about WW in general.

Good luck!
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