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hi there! i definatly have experience with this sight-
i ordered ovulation strips and pregnancy strips two months in row-
the O strips seem to work quite well
the pregnancy strips-now thats another thing-
the first month i got an evaporation line after trash digging 2 hours after POAS. so dont look at them that late!
the next month was our lucky one and i tested at 11DPO and got a very faint line--BUT it didnt show up till 20-30 min later, i tested with an EPT the same day got a faint line in 2 min.i kept trying the internet ones and finally got a good line at 14 DPO but it STILL took 15 min to show up at all, 30 to be there you go-they work but you have to view them 20-30 min after peeing.
hope this helps!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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