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Anyone out there in Medicine Hat Alberta?

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So apparently we are moving next month to the Hat. Because ya know, packing up with a 4 year old, 3 year old and then moving when you are 9 months pregnant makes so much sense.

Anyways, just wondering if there are any other mammas, or any AP groups etc for the Medicine Hat area? I've googled every combo I can think of and there doesn't seem to be anything, that I can tell I thought I would check here too...

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Did you try 'babywearing' or Le Leche League? They are usually everywhere!


Ahh, yes...the joys of pregnancy brain and not thinking of the obvious

Thanks Dawn, I didn't even think of those two groups!

I will definitely check them out when we get there!

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I'm originally from the Hat, living in Edmonton now. My DD and I just visited for a few weeks and went to see my friend who works at the Parent Link Centre. It's awesome...a huge, lovely playroom and coffee for the parents. And it's free, free, free to drop in. They have postings on the bulletin board about LLL and related groups, so you should be able to hook up with some people through them. Say hi to my friend Lori when you see her!
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