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Anyone personalize their pouches/slings?

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I just ordered a khaki hotsling as I'm not comfy with the ergo while pregnant. I'm thinking of embroidering some flowers around the sides with emroidery floss or adding a patch or two. Maybe sewing on some cool little chime bell things. Something to keep it from being plain jane. Anyone do this on their slings or anything like it? I'd love to see pics!
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I have done trims on ring slings and it's pretty cute. What about embroidering a name or something?
It is a stretchy fabric, so I don't know how that will work. I'm second thinking any embroidery now, I wouldn't want it to tear because the stitches were tighter than the stretch. I'm thinking iron on or fabric paint now!
I've fancied up my personal slings before and have seen them done with Names embroidered on them. I think its a great idea and makes it a fun keepsake as well!
You could embroider some fabric pieces and then sew them on as patches, but you may run into the same problem.

tie dye?
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