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Anyone planted Luffa?

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I saw in the burpee catalog, that they have luffa plants. Has anyone planted them? Can you tell me about them?

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When I was a little girl, my grandmother planted them. They are edible and we use to stir fry them w/ beef. Then she would leave a few on the vines and let them become luffa's. What did you need to know? They are easy to grow and they obviously need a trellis. Oh, and they were grown in zone 10.
Cool, I just wanted to know if anyone had grown them and they were as advertised
. This is only my second year of having a garden, but it did fairly well, so I am going to try some more unusual things this time.
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I just recieved my order from Park's seeds. I ordered luffa and a variety of herbs. This is my 1st attempt at a garden, I'm totally excited. I plan to use the luffa to exfoliate, not to eat. I would love suggestions on how to grow, harvest & dry.
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I planted one for the first time this year. I just noticed to today that has sprouted. I think it took almost 3 weeks to come up. Anyhow, I've heard the plant can get huge - like 40' of vine. I put it near a fence and tree hoping that it will climb those instead of sprawling all over the garden. I have fantasies of giving luffas to everyone at Christmas.
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