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Anyone pregnant with hypothyroidism?

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I had a thyroidectomy in 2004 and have been hypothyroid since. I struggle with maintaining normal levels despite being tested frequently. they keep increasing my Synthroid doses. I guess I'm looking for anyone's experience of being pregnant while hypo and how did you control it? I'm reading that they may need to really increase my levels during pregnancy.

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I am severly hypo and had a perfect pregnancy without any complications. It *is* important to get your levels tested often during pregnancy because your medication may need to be adjusted several times. My Synthroid dose more than doubled while I was pregnant. As long as you keep on top of your condition you shouldn't have any problems. Just remember to stay away from certain foods that can mess with absorbing your meds, but you are probably doing that anyway ~smiles~
I too have hypothyroidism. I get my levels tested every 4-5 week while pregnant and my synthroid dose is up higher than ever before.

I haven't had any problems with it though now that they've got the doses raised.

Just be sure that you get tested regularly and take good care of yourself.
I had a just slight hypothyroid throughout my pregnancy and all was well. I JUST came across this literally 5 mins ago doing a Yahoo Groups search (for a completely un-related topic, but this caught my eye).

I have not yet looked into it, so please investigate cautiously!!
Yup, here too. Ben hypo since 1996, and my meds have almost doubled this pregnancy, too - I've gotten my blood tested every 6 weeks, cause I go pretty wonky during pregnancy and they keep tweaking my med.

Other than the annoyance of the frequent blood draws, no untoward effects on DS, or on this new babe so far. As long as you stay on top of it, it shouldn't be a problem at all.
yep hypothyroid and the pregnancy went well. just more regular blood tests. you'll both be ok. Jen
this makes me worry!
my endo was so blase about checking my levels "if" i got pregnant. (i was actually already a few days pregnant last time i saw him but of course couldn't tell yet.) i'm only slightly hypo and my levels were ok then, but i've only been on synthroid for a few months.

he said to come in in three months, but after i insisted, he said two. of course, i couldn't get an appt until my second trimester!

i tried to make an appt with another endo a friend of mine recommended, only to find out the dr has to review my records before she agrees to see me.

what do you mamas think-- should i be worried? should i call and insist on being seen sooner?
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Unfortunately most endos are really very well versed on thyroid problems, believe it or not. I'd suggest checking in their doctor database and try finding a new doctor. Some of the best doctors for thyroid conditions aren't even endos.
My general rule with doctors is if I don't feel like they are listening to my concerns I get a new one!

With my son and daughter I was not hypo so this is new for me being pregnant with the condition. I read about the risks of exposing the fetus to low levels (ie lower IQ, developmental trouble) and felt it was very important for me to make absolutely positive that my levels remained at a good place. This is for my own peace of mind really, I'm sure others have gone through pregnancy just checking it out once or twice.

Fortunately, my family practice doctor (whom I see explicitly for my thyroid, I don't have an endo at all right now) is treating me very aggressively by checking me every two weeks for a while. BUT, my case might be different from yours as I have not actually even entered the "normal" range (.3-3) yet. I'm a 7 right now. 6 weeks ago I was at 29
So I'm working very hard to get it right for both my physical sake and the baby's sake.

You have to do what feels right for you, honestly. If you don't feel like your endo is taking you seriously enough then find someone who will or insist that your levels be watched more carefully now that you are pregnant. I hope you find an answer that works for you! I sympathize with the battle
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