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I'm due in mid-December with my 2VBAC. With my first VBAC she was a preemie. i had the monitoring and the IV. This time however, we are not anticipating a preemie (another story)...

Anyhow, I am using CNMs. I met with one of the OBs as is the policy before one has a VBAC. I sat in his office for 45 minutes talking over the research about CFM and the rise in C-sec. He used a scare tactic that he nor the CNMs could cover me if I didn't (verbally) agree to the CFM and the IV. I haven't signed anything, just only given my verbal agreement to CFM.

Once i get to the hospital I plan to outright refuse the IV, unless if indications present that it is necessary. I"m not sure what to do with the CFM though, since it may be a tougher battle. I plan on arriving at the hospital at the point where I'm pushing the baby out. I"m just fed up with the medical system that doesn't allow for us women to birth the way we want to.

ONe more thing...the patient Bill of Rights, make use of it to refuse interventions.
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