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Originally Posted by JanetF View Post
They can try requiring all they like. It's your body and your birth and EFM doesn't help anyone.
Exactly! I was thinking of something along the lines of:

"You can 'require' all you want, but that doesn't override my autonomy and the legal right I have to decline any treatment I wish. You can put the efm belts on whomever you wish, just not on me thank you very much."

I'm sure all the minions of folks who want to argue that it "doesn't matter" if they're your legal rights or not and that it's not going to stop anyone. But quite frankly, it does matter that they are your legal rights and you have EVERY right to demand that they be followed. That being said there are women who have left one hospital and went to another. I know it's not "practical" and it certainly isn't anyway to give birth, but for me it's about being treated like an adult human being and making my choices accordingly - regardless of how difficult that make some l&d nurse or ob's job.
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