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I called the L&D with my last. I found out the hospital requires it as part of their malpractice insurance stuff -- Malpractice Ins companies are dictating to hospitals how to handle patient care and that is passed on to docs and then mws.

I choose to have a hb b/c I could not see myself strapped down, arguing in labor with staff, etc. I had EFM continuous with my first, which ended in c/s. I think part of the c/s was b/c I was not allowed to "labor" to work my baby down. I worked hard swaying, walking etc to get my baby down at my hb. In the hospital I was told I had to stay flat on my back w the damn EFM, I wanted to sit in the rocker and was told only so long as the baby's hb was still detectable. It sucked and I was not going to subject myself to that again.

I thought about staying at home in labor for as long as possible, but upon researching labors and VBACing I decided that it was not safe to labor 'alone' b/c the hb of the baby would show signs of impending rupture (if that were to happen) and I would not know until it was too late. Now, I was also a vba2c so my odds were a smig higher.

I thought about hiring a doula to montior my labor at home, but very few doulas would admit to having the ability to use a dopler or fetascope back then. So, then I looked into hiring a lay mw with the thought I could go to the hospital and deliver. And well, then I just decided if I was going to go through all that just hire the mw and have this baby at home.

At 33wks I hired a mw and at 38 wks had my baby girl at home! Well, I was really full term, she was 9lbs 1 oz!!!

This time around I've hired a mw from the start and have not bothered myself w OBs or worries of hospitals etc. Which is a good thing b/c this pregnancy has been the hardest with me being sick until 6mo pregnant and just feeling like crap.
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