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Here's what happened with me. I talked to my doctor beforehand about my birth plan and he said that as long as they got good heart rates for 20-30 minutes they would let me be on the monitor for 20 minutes per hour. I got to the hospital and they said nonono hospital policy is that you need to be on continuous monitoring. I said that's not what my doc said, they told me that the doc told them that he wants me on continuous monitoring. We went back and forth like this for a couple of minutes, and then the nurse came back and said OK, if you sign this waiver you can do whatever you want, I said OK. I did the monitoring for a while, heartbeat was good, and then I got off and sat on the birthball, tried the shower, whatever for a while. Then I started getting tired, and I got back in bed so they put me back on the monitor eventually. For me, it was more of a psychological thing, I didn't want to be stuck in bed, even though I was tired at the end so I spent most of the time in bed at the end anyway. This time, the midwives have told me that they do the telemetry and only 20 minutes per hour or something like that. it helps to have a doula who will stand up for you and whom you can bounce ideas off of, hopefully she will be an objective voice for you while you are in labor.

Good luck!
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