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Anyone sell textbooks on Amazon?

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I have textbooks to sell and I am thinking that Amazon seems like a good place to do it since I have bought several there. Any of you mamas sell them there or other good sites? I REALLY need the money, and am itching to get rid of those darned books!

Please give me your feedback on it i.e. paypal, problems, $ to be made, etc. I look forward to your feedback!
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Um, I *think* you may have posted this in the wrong forum....but I've sold books on Amazon. Not textbooks, but regular books. It's really easy. I used to sell on because the fees were a bit less & the listings didn't expire. They had a huge textbook area. But Half merged with Ebay, so no more. On Amazon, the listings expire after 60 days. They take a small percentage plus a standard fee per sale & they give you a shipping stipend. You have to ship within 2 days. The only advice I have that isn't on their site is to ship with delivery confirmation, even though it's not required. I had one person say they never got the book & I had no way to track it, so I had to give a refund (or at least that's what I decided to do, since I had no way of knowing where the book was). Good luck.
I havn't sold my textbooks on Amazon, but I have sold them on eBay, and they always sold well. I always sold them before the semester started.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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