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i agree Why wait?
we started around one year
and had some success, then i traveled around for a month and stayed with some stressful relatives for a while, and by the time i got home we both fell ill b/c of the stress.....winter came and it was harder to get her to the potty in time due to all the clothes
and i lost a lot of energy with my long illness
long story short...we kind of dropped off till spring(she was 18 months and we took about 4 months off from ec)
then it was way too obvious and she woul dnto have it any other way...
i had not read anything about ec, i just kind of new people did it

i wish i woudl have none more about it, adn would have stayed with it....
i had a hard time with dd and her emotions that winter and i think it had a lot to do with her wanting to ec and me not getting it.

so i say go for it

with my next, i will do it from birth on
i (at this point) believe it is the most respectful and compasionate choice for your baby.
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