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We started when ds was 16 mo doing part time ec. I just left him naked for like a week; letting him pee ANYWHERE and then just saying 'pee pee' while he peed. Then he started anouncing it WHILE peeing; and around 17 mo he started saying it BEFORE peeing; but only about once or twice a day. We quit diapers altogether at 18 mo.
Often; he will tell me he needs to pee; or go sit on the potty. If I leave him totally to his own devices; he only misses two pees a day. If I take him to the potty about every hour, he'll pee and we get them all in the potty. So I guess in this case it is sort of early potty learning; because ds is very verbal and mobile.
The problem at this age, that I would imagine you wouldn't have with an infant, is that he is mobile, VERY active. But he doesn't usually put up much of a fight because he loves to "read". As soon as he sits on the potty, he says 'book?' (and then signs it repeatedly if I don't bring him one quickly enough :LOL )
ANyway I do agree with pp; do it now; during summer if you can. I regret not having done so last summer; when ds was 6 mo. and couldn't crawl (let alone walk) yet!
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