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Anyone start snappi-ing in toddlerhood?

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I know I should have tried this sooner but I would like to start using more prefolds with ds and I want to Snappi. The problem is that ds is constantly grabbing at it when I let him go coverless, which I like to do most of the day. Should I just keep trying and hope that he eventually stops pulling at it? Will I still be able to get a snug fit if I cut the third leg off? And is it normal for the legs to fluff out?
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Well, remembering that I'm the new kid on the CD block ... but my 19mo keeps grabbing at it just in the time it takes to get the cover on.

Also, that third thing always makes me feel like it's grabbing through the cloth on to his penis.

Then again, the learning curve on this diapering thing seems bigger than I thought, so maybe I am getting his poor little guy through the cloth ...
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I just recently started using a snappi'ing diaper with my 20 month old dd. At first she started fiddling with it while running around coverless ... but she seems to have forgotten it's there in the last week so I'm hoping that like everything else roiutine in her life it has become 'normal' to her and she won't notice it anymore.



editing to add that we used snappis and prefolds till she was almost 8 months old.
As a snappi third leg amputator, I wouldn't recomend it. :LOL I cut one off of one of the snappi's and because my little guy is so active that the diaper comes out from the top and kind of just lags behind him. This was especially bad when he poo'd!!! No advice on the whole toddler snappi thing, I didn't know about them with my other two
Just wanted to warn you off the no cutting thing.
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best way to keep the legs from going all poochy is to pull his leg up when you snug the dipe around from the back, like so: engineer_mama's dipe pic

see more of her great site here

Ds got "bit" on the finger one time right after we started using them, and now he leaves them alone. I was changing him, and he started crying, and I figured out what had happened. I did have to remind him a couple of times, but we have not had a problem in a long time now.

Course with winter coming on, your ds will be wearing a cover more anyway, less chance to mess with the snappi anyway.
Ok today is prefold day! Wish me luck!
You can do it Trish Prefolds is all I use got rid of all of my fitteds just like my prefolds better.

We started with the snappi when dd (now 20 mos) was right around a year. She is more interested in the snappi during dipe changes than once it is on. I did amputate the 3rd leg (it never stayed fastened on my bikini twist, which is the only fold I use), and it has never caused me a problem.

Good luck! I think snappis are much less alluring then velcro in the mind of the toddler.
some one has to tell me what a bikini twist is!!
I love snappi's and would recommend them to anyone!! beats using pins, and its CHEAP!!! I did worry about the claw going onto my boys "little guy" But they have never complained in anyway. I don't think I would cut the third tab off. I think its necessary for a nice snug fit that lasts. I didn't ge tmy first snappi until about 4 months ago. Got one from a friend, and then bought another soon after. Needed to have two, for twins. Now they are hardly wearing diapers. What will I do when they are done??? NO more washing dipes!!! VERY werid!!!!
Here is a link for the bikini twist. I've never posted a link before, so I hope this works!

It is the best fold, IMHO. Easy, effective and elegant in its own way! I love it. It is the only fold that I can snappi comfortably over my toddler who has skinny legs and a big belly.

Bikini Twist
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