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Anyone still fitting in their jeans

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I'm 9 weeks today and my pre pregnancy jeans are still fitting for the most part. I remember getting tight pretty early with my second and moving into my jeans that were a little big. Should I be worried? Anyone else still fit in their pants around 9 weeks?
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I am but they are very tight in the butt and thighs. My thighs always grow a lot when I'm pregnant.
I went to the thrift store and bought some jeans for very cheap that are just a size bigger than I normally am.
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I was able to button mine at 9 weeks, though not comfortably... now at 10 weeks I dont even try to button them.

I suppose part of it has to do with how loose your pants are to begin with too.
I'm still fitting. I'm 12 weeks, I think. But, the jeans were a little lose... looked better straight out of the dryer.

I do have my old pregnancy jeans ready, though.
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Depending on the pair, I can. If they were tighter to begin with I can't but my "big pants" still fit pretty well, my skinny jeans- ha.

I'm planning to get some maternity pants soon so I get my money's worth out of wearing them
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I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow and am still fitting into my jeans. I'm finding that the ones that are higher waisted aren't as comfortable, but the low waisted ones are (and to think there was a time when the low waisted jeans drove me crazy!!). I'm wondering when my tummy will get bigger. This is my first baby. I ran into a saleslady at the mall yesterday that was also 12 weeks pregnant and she had a noticeable belly. It made me worry a bit that I'm not getting bigger.....but all my preg symptoms are still here!
I'm still fitting in some of my pants. But, there is a lot of fluff to squish before the waistband is going to reach the baby
I have two pairs that I bought right after Christmas in a size larger than I was wearing in the summer/fall. Those two pairs are still okay but they're getting snug, only in the waist/hips though. Yay for that.

I will be 9 weeks tomorrow.
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dropping in from August...I am 14 weeks and still have one pair of jeans that work. I feel like all my other jeans started getting tight on my legs, dont know what that was about. Then, the waist became unbearable. But, I still have this one pair that i wear everytime I leave the house because I dont look pregnant so I feel illy in maternity pants. Plus, all my shirts ride up so you can see that are maternity and then I feel more stupid. I think I think about it too much and should just do what is comfortable, but that isnt how it works for me.
All my jeans still work (when Im actually getting dressed). I've lost about 10 lbs though due to HG so I know it's not the norm. I cant stand to have anything against my upper stomach so low wasted is good. I've been so sick though Im rarely out of my soft fleece pj pants. Sucky way to lose weight.
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I'm just over 10 weeks into this pregnancy (5th pregnancy to gestate this long, 4th baby for our family) and I'm still pretty much fitting my pants. I save the 'getting huge' part for later in pregnancy...and then I do get huge to carry my 9-10lb babes!

I'm finding that all my jeans fit through the thigh but some are getting tight in the hips/stomach area. Right now I'm doing the rubber band trick on my fav jeans.
I'm 12+ weeks along and can still fit most of my jeans... I have pulled out the maternity stuff for comfort more than necessity. I don't want to squish anything
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I'm 9 weeks and still fit into my pants. I didn't show much until about 30 weeks with my first, 20 with my second and fourth, but with my third I looked about to pop at 20 weeks. I wouldn't worry,
My low jeans still fit, but I put away my others a few weeks ago. I have some "bigger pants" from postpartum, but I just don't like the feel of pants on my belly. I'm hoping these will work until spring. They seem okay...
I can button and zip up most of my pairs - but I hate the feeling of anything touching my stomach, and if I sit down in buttoned/zipped jeans the pressure against my belly makes me vomit.

So i've been wearing my preggo pants already.
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I'm 9/10 weeks. At first, I couldn'tbut as my belly is growing I've also been losing weight so now it's fine. I think I'll fit for a couple more weeks unless I gain the weight back.
I'm 11 weeks today and I still fit in my jeans, just barely though. I took them off due to being tight in the belly for the first time on Monday. I have not gained any weight, although I've lost some in my thighs and replaced it in tummy, based on the fit of my clothes! This is my third though, and I'm expanding much more rapidly
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Yep! I still fit into everything fine. I'm "fluffy" though so I think that makes a difference. Add in that I had lost weight before pregnancy so my clothes were a bit loose PLUS puking and you get to fit into your

I start to worry and then I remember that I didn't have to wear maternity clothes till 20 weeks or so with my first. And then....I got huge! My babes were 10 and 9 lbs so yah...lots of baby! I was asking my girlfriend and she said that I was starting to be noticeably pregnant around 15 weeks with my last pregnancy. I'm almost 11 weeks now and I'm not showing at all. I'm do feel fat though...wheee!
I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and I am in between. I am 15 lbs less than when I got pregnant with DD and got all 'snug' jeans to show it off. Those don't fit very well anymore (they fit, but my stomach is too sensitive). I am swimming in my pants from before DD. My sis gave me one pair of jeans in the middle size that fits well. I am in them all the time. I don't think I will be in maternity for a few weeks still.
I'm about 9 weeks, and I can still fit in mine (they are all low rise style anyway) but I'd rather not. I am still squeezing into them for work with the top button undone for comfort, but around the house its the two pair of no panel style Gap pants (cords and khakis) that I picked up recently on the clearance rack for $6 and $8 dollars.
I just hate anything on my belly right now. Why be uncomfortable?
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today tried zipping mine (been leaving them unzipped for comfort) and ended up giving myself a horrible stomach ache... not 100% sure its related but I have noticed that when I am having IBS attacks tight clothing makes it worse. I still cant believe I made it almost a year without one and then suddenly I get pregnant and its like I never changed my diet (and im still sticking to my pain-free diet... just getting the pain again

so yeah, officially too large to even zip them now. I CAN zip them... but its not a good idea.
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