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Anyone successfully CTA with PCOS?

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I was able to chart to get pregnant 3 years ago, but I did start taking Vitex 4 months in to regulate my cycles (it worked). I just had my IUD removed the other day and started a new chart last week with my period. Started taking Vitex again this week. Anyway, charting to get pregnant is a little different than charting to avoid, KWIM? While I would be thrilled to have an "oops" baby, I kind of want to avoid a winter baby (SADD and PP hormones seem like a bad combo to me) and I think H isn't quite ready yet. So, I want to at least avoid until the summer. Anyone have success doing this with PCOS?
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I don't have PCOS but I know that a lot of women with PCOS have successfully avoided. I believe there are a couple on our monthly CTA thread. Hopefully one of them will come here to answer your questions...

But yes, it can be done!
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