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Anyone take effexor xr & what are your doses??

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Hi ladies... I started with PPD after #2 4 yrs ago & i still take my meds. A few mamas told me my does seems high so i am wondering what others dosages are. I take 300 mg a day of effexor xr. Is it high??
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I'm on 250mg/day.

I would think that 300 sounds ok. How do you feel on it?
Does anyone know how Effexor XR affects nursing? Safe? Unsafe?

I just started Lexapro -- very mild side effects so far that I expect to pass. While I am seeing some change, I don't think its "enough". I will give it a few more weeks but my aunt is on Effexor and she is like a new momma! (of course she is no longer nursing so this was not an issue)
I nursed while on effexor. for me the need or sanity was so needed that to not be on my meds & risk anything like a breakdown wasn't worth it.

I agrree though as alot of others will tell you.. effexor really does help alot!!! I've tried paxil,zoloft, prozac, wellbutin & the lsit goes on.... effexor is my godsend.. been on it almost 4 yrs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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