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I know this may seem like an oxymoron, but on my local API Yahoo group listserve there was an announcement today for a guy (yes, a male!) teaching the homebirth childbirth series of the Association for Childbirth at Home, International.

I called him immediately and had a 45 minute talk with him. His wife had their 4 sons naturally, the last 3 at home - he said after the first one came in 4 hours start to finish with no interventions he got really interested in homebirth and actually had to talk her into it! :LOL His kids are all grown and gone, so this was 20-30 years ago. He seems to have become a doula - he's attended 15 births - living in California, got certified through ACHI, and is now recertified and picking up teaching (and possibly doula-ing?) now that his homeschooled kids are all out of the nest.

So I'm thinking - maybe dh might get more into the homebirth thing if we take a class on it, taught by a guy no less? Especially if there are other couples who take it with us so it's not all me and this guy agreeing with each other and preaching at dh. :LOL

Any thoughts? Experience with ACHI classes or philosophy? I can't find a website on them. Here's the flyer posted on the listserv:



I've finally completed the reading and training I needed to recertify, and am ready to start teaching classes. I've copied an ACHI release that describes the classes:

The Association for Childbirth at Home, International (ACHI) series
is a unique approach to childbirth classes in that its major focus is
on teaching essential and accurate technical obstetrics to parents.
This, then, enables parents to make knowledgable and responsible
deisions as to where, how, and with whom they give birth. This is
accomplished through data presentations, experience-sharing
discussions, and media presentations by certified ACHI leaders
presenting a series based on 30 years of research.

The series consists of six sessions covering such topics as pros and
cons of home and hospital, patient's rights, nutrition, labor
management, psychological issues, medical considerations, breathing
and relaxation techniques, care of the newborn, and management of a
home delivery. The classes are preparation for childbirth, whether
the birth is planned for home or hospital.

Classea are held once a week for six weeks and are open to
prospective parents, individuals, and professionals interested in
home birth specifically and in childbirth in general. Persons need
not be pregnant nor necessarily want a home birth in order to take
the classes. The local leader is Ed Wilhelm, 629 Potomac Ave.,
Silver Spring, MD 20910, phone (301) 585-4925 (H), (301) 233-9841

The charge will be $150, which is negotiable.

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Hmm, I've never heard of that organization before. Weird. Anyway, I think that it might be beneficial in getting your dh onboard. I think guys like to hear other guys talk. :LOL I'd give it a shot if it's within your budget.
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