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MY midwife gave me an rx for prometrium. Confirmed it is bio-identical to progesterone so I am willing to take it again this time around. Thing is, will it affect my nursing 15 month old? I have to take it from the day after ovulation till either my period starts or till week 14 of gestation. I just worry if progesterone will affect my toddler.
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AF will not come while you're taking p, so you'll have to test at around 14dpo and if it's BFN, then discontinue p.

And, from what my dr told me, it's safe while pregnant.
I take prometrium while breastfeeding. Vaginal supositories, though, so don't know how that method of administration figures in. FWIW.
Also, Peilover is right your that period won't start on Prometrium so you need to stop when you get BFN, or hopefully you'll get BFP and that won't be an issue.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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