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Anyone thinking about names?

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I had both of my children's names (Elijah and Olivia) picked before they were even conceived. This time we are having a bit more difficulty. I think we may have decided on our names (at least for now! :LOL For a girl, Miriam Eva Jane and for a boy Nathaniel John Bronson. What do you think?

My other children are Elijah Michael Zion and Olivia Antonia Faith.
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i love the name Miriam! geez, you are on the ball!!! my dh won't even talk about it until after our sonogram - he can't STAND not knowing what we are having!! he doesn't want to waste time talking about boy names if we are having a girl and vice versa - he's so efficient.
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We haven't specifically thought about names for this baby, but names that we threw around for the other three boys were:

Jonathan, Charles, Aiden
Evelyn, Elizabeth, Beatrice (tell me - do you hate this name?), Lucy
My opinions on your names are

Jonathan - like it and not too common
Charles - okay but reminds me of prince charles
Aiden - very popular in my area

Evelyn - I don't really like this one, but a nickname of Evie would be cute
Elizabeth - love it! Would use it myself but DH has a close cousin with this name
Beatrice - I actually think this is cute, I can picture a little girl in pigtails with a nickname of Bea

For our names the name Miriam would probably have a nickname of Mia or Miri and Nathaniel would be Nathan, I'm not too fond of Nate.

mama2gracie - Aah but remind your husband ultrasounds can be wrong. You wouldn't want to have a boy and have to name him Katie or something. :LOL
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The girl name we had picked out when I was pg with Noah was Erin Grace, so that's still in the running this time. Although I've suddenly really become fond of Olivia, and I'm struggling with it because it seems to be so popular these days (I love the name, but don't want to use a name everyone else will also have, you know?).

For a boy, I really like Ian Matthew.
Grace, Lily, or Sophie
probably Lily Katherine

Jack Harrison
Benjamin Paul (Ben)
Ok, I have a new girl name in the running - Ella Grace.
A friend mentioned it the other day and I love it, so I asked DH about it. His immediate response was "Old lady" with a grimace. So I figured it was totally off the table for discussion, but yesterday he said not neccessarily, he doesn't think it's so bad.

(For the record, DH really doesn't help suggest names, just ok's or vetoes my suggestions! Except he DID actually come up with Jenna's name, but initially as a joke - he knew a girl in school named Jenna Rader and was joking about how it is too bad we don't have a "cool" last name we can do something like that with...after he said it we realized we both liked the name Jenna so we stuck with that one!)

Anyway, so our top candidates right now are:
Ella Grace
Erin Grace
Ian Matthew
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Looked at a book for quite awhile last night:
Madeline Madeleine
We have 2 boys named Zachariah Steven and Garrett Christopher.
Our last name is long and starts with a K so even if we name our kid AL the name is long. :LOL
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danav - I like Ella Grace!

boycrazy - I like Ainsley and Maya. Hannah and Madeline are really popular. For the boys names I like Bradley, Addison and Gabriel.

Okay now I am back to the drawing board! Neither of the kids can say Miriam :LOL Plus I don't know if I really love it. I still like Nathaniel but I really prefer Nathan. I might just go with Nathan. What do you think of these girl names? The middle name for all will be Eva Jane.

Ariadne (pronounce Airy-ad-knee) - we both like this one but is it too out there with our other children's names?
Katherine (Kate)
Eleanor (Ellie, Nora)

hmmm... actually don't know about the boy name either. I might want something a bit more unique. One name we've liked for awhile is Asher. What do you think of Asher? If we chose Asher for a boy name we could probably choose Ariadne for a girls name because they are both "weird" names that no one in this area will have heard of!
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Hannah is a family name. The girl middle name will be Ruth after my mom.
I realize Madeline is so popular. It was the for sure name when we started trying to get pregnant with #1 11 years ago. Just have not had the heart to take it iff the list. :LOL

I think Ariadne would get mispronounced alot if that matters to you.

We know an Asher and an Ashton. They both are Ash most of the time. I like both names

Danav, I like both your choices too Esp Ella Grace (love Grace)
My Garrett has a friend named Ian.
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We've been thinking and even bought a book. DH said he won't even talk about it till we know the sex. I told him no u/s this pregnancy since last pregnancy they steered my so wrong.

today I told him I KNOW she's a girl. I just know it. He said it wasn't enough for him.

My son's name is Carter, so I don't want anything that starts with a C or ends in an er.

Lauren for a girl (I need an 'A' middle name for it) How popular is this name where you all are at?

I also like Lea, Tori and Mya.

I guess I'm stuck on girl names, but he could be a boy!
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mraven721 - I know one Lauren in our playgroup. I think the name was more popular in the late 80/early 90s. I really like it but DH had an ex-girlfriend named Laurie and they did not part amicably.
I also like Lea but I prefer it spelled Leah or Lia (Lia is the Greek spelling). If you were going to go with Tori I would just call her Victoria and call her Tori from birth. That way when she's older it won't be "Doctor Tori to emerg, Doctor Tori to emerg." :LOL

Okay what do you all think of Eleanor? Any opinions are appreciated! I really like the nickname Ellie. The only thing is my son is Elijah and my daughter is Olivia, both vowel first letter and then an L. It would be the same thing with Eleanor. Then again, how often do I say all of their names at the same time? It would be Eleanor Eva Jane (Eva is for my grandmother and Jane is a derivative of Jan, which is DH's mother, and Jean, which is my mother's middle name).

Oh there is one issue! I have an aunt Eleanor, she's my dad's eldest sister. She's in her late 70s. I really don't like her as I feel she treats my dad like crap. He doesn't care either way, he wrote off most of his family a long time ago. But of course we are still civil and send out birth announcements so will the rest of the family (my dad's 3 sisters and all my cousins and my cousins kids and so) think I named the baby after her? Ugh, I hope not! If anyone said to me, "Oh how nice you named the baby after aunt Eleanor" I'd just say "no I just like the name." I just don't want people thinking I named my baby after the shrew...oops did I say that out loud? :LOL
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That is a pretty bad conotation.
Ellie is cool and so is Eleanor very old school. Eleanor Roosevelt, kind of a matronly name but Ellie makes it little girly.
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I really like old fashioned names. My dd is Ella Sage, so obviously I LOVE the name Ella!

I have been reading baby name books and making lists, but I won't find out the sex or pick a name until after baby is born. My personal opinion is that I have to meet the child before I can know what name would fit. We had narrowed it to a list of ~5 names with dd, but when she came out, she didn't look like any of them! So it was back to the drawing board and 3 days later dh and I agreed that she was an Ella (which hadn't been on our list).

I'm into Irish/Scottish names right now, also old fashioned names. For middle names I like earthy/crunchy names or family names. For first names I like things like Lily, Lucy, Meredith, and Miriam. For boys it's things like Callum, Eamon (pronounced aimun), and so on. I would never knowingly pick a name that was too popular. I was always one of several Amy's in every class, so I changed to my middle name when I was still a kid. I hated being known as "Amy C" to differentiate me from Amy L, Amy K, and Amy F. I think Amy is a gorgeous name, but it was just a little overly popular the year I was born!

I love hearing all these names!

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We are like some of you, we have always had names picked out prior to pregnacy but now this time. My first DD is Breaunna Faith and my 2nd DD is Gabriella Analiese

This time we are planning a home water birth and are looking at some names with a water meaning. Ex: Boys, Moses, and Kaelin Girls, Naiya
Other Boy names: Gavin, Sage,

Other Girl Names: Malia Isabelle,

We are a long way from decided on this, thank goodness for a full 9 months right!
Whoa, I'm getting overwhelmed but I just wanted to say I LOVE the name Ariadne and I have a good friend named Jack Harris.

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I also know an Asher. Seem to be pretty popular right now. My friends sons name is Ashden.

We have some names picked out, but are keeping them a secret for right now....dont need them getting
My son's name is Zachary Soza. We thought he was an "Isaac Jacob" for most of the pregnancy, but when he popped out we knew he looked like a "Zachary" for sure! Soza is DH's middle name and my FIL's middle name- a family surname.

This time around we've been tossing around Alaina Suzanne for a girl, nickname Alli. My mom's name is Elaine and goes by Elli, and Suzanne is my middle name. I do love the name Elli, so we also like Elena. I just thought of Ivy Alexandra the other day and LOVE it! I've always *loved* the name Summer, but I just can't do that for this baby due in the winter!

For a boy we've talked about Thomas William. I've always loved the name Thomas, and William is my Dad's name. We also like Mason, Jacob, and Cayden (however Jacob is my brother's name, although he lives 1500 miles away, and Cayden is just getting too common...).

So, we definitely need the whole nine months to research and toss names around! I'm sure the names will change throughout the pregnancy...

Some names I love that DH would never agree to:
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I love thinking about baby names! DH is just too darn efficient to ralk about them until we know boy or girl, so I just have a mental list of a few I like, then when he is ready, we will talk about them.

for middle names, I like to do a family name.

For girls, I like:
Lauren Elisabeth
Eva (or Ava) Ruth
Eva (or Ava) Kailey (pronounced Kay Lee)
Janelle Elisabeth
Melis ______
Nor Elisabeth

For boys, I really like:
Tobin (middle name would be one of: Shane, Rex, Bernard, Everett)
Oscar (but that's my cat's name, so it's a no-go)
hmm, what else? I really love Tobin, so it is hard for me to think of others right now.

Thor. I just can't wrap myself around that name at all. Reminds me of the movie Adventures in Babysitting, and the girl wearing the viking helmet.
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Well, for a girl I think we are going to use Tamsin as the first name, and maybe Rose as a middle...maybe's definitely still up in the air but I am going to fight tooth and nail for Tamsin!

For a boy...well, that's a lot harder. It was ALL we could do to come up with Devlin, and I love it so much that it feels hard to come with another name as good, KWIM? We like Torben, Aidan (but it's SO popular that I don't think we would ever use it because Devlin's name is so unusual it would seem silly...even though they sound lovely together...
) and we may use Gilmour for a middle name if we can make it work with our first name choice.

I absolutely LOVE talking names and I am so excited to get to do it for real!
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