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Anyone tried Mother EVE inserts?

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I saw on that they include one of thier Mother Eve inserts for free with each Fuzzi Bunz diaper. Has anyone tried these? So far its the best deal I have found (if the inserts are any good, that is).
I was also looking at Kellys Closet, they also come with inserts if you buy more than a certian number, I think.
Which are better?
(also, for the same price Mother Eve will throw in a few Joey Bunz also)
Which is the best deal? I am thinking Mother Eve unless thier inserts dont work well.... any thoughts?
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I have them and they work great for us! I got 18 fuzzi bunz with mother eve inserts and some Joey Bunz.

The Mother Eve inserts do shrink in length a little bit, so they're not as long as the entire fuzzi (like the MoE insert is), but I haven't had any leakage or anything with them (I guess you don't need the insert way in back above the butt anyway).

I ordered on a Sunday - they contacted me sunday eve. because they were out of a certain color - I chose a replacement and the dipes went out on Monday. I had them Tuesday or Wednesday. Great service from them!

when I was buying my FB stash, I was deciding between Mother Eve and Cottonbabies. I decided to buy from Cottonbabies after I sent an e-mail to Mother Eve asking about the difference between the cottonbabies inserts and the Mother Eve ones (they carry the cottonbabies ones also). She recommended the cottonbabies ones more so that's what I went with. Cottonbabies also has a MDC code and includes a free insert with each dipe so the price is pretty equitable to Mother Eve. HTH.
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