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anyone tried the totseat? (portable high chair). We use ergo like this...

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Not sure if this is worth it or not, as we use the ergo to strap DS to chairs when at places that there is no highchair. Kinda hard for him to eat at the table but at least its something!

any other suggestions? i think we'll probably stick with our Ergo idea. its not the safest but he LOVES sitting in big people chairs right now so its working. but we are thinking if there is something better and easy/light (that would fit in a bag or suitcase and not take a lot of room), we're open to that purchase for a trip we are taking where they don't have highchairs usually, if at all.
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I used to have a seat like that (not that one, this was 10+ yrs ago) and I really liked it.
I've seen people do the same thing with a mei tai--a mei tai might be a little easier because you can throw it in the wash easier than an Ergo and it's lighter weight for throwing in a purse and traveling.
I used to do that with my sling. Got messy, though. Now I use one of those inflatable boosters.
holy crap. this is exactly what i've been looking for!
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